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LFMC Teens and Families,

Hope everyone's first days of school are off to a great start! Here are a few updates and reminders about what's happening in our Student Ministries.

Friday 8-16-19 Friday Night Fellowship (last one of the Summer) Disc Golf 7-9pm start and end at the church. We will be going to Centennial park. Everything you need is provided for free- including bug spray, sun screen, discs, and drinks.

Sunday 8-18-19 6:30-8 pm Small Groups (last one of the Summer) SEEK 8-9pm (last one of the Summer) We also have the end of Summer Bash after regular service. There will be food trucks, a bouncy house, homemade ice cream, lawn games, and music. We will need a handful of teens to assist in set up the morning of- ideally around 8:45 am before church service- donuts will be provided. This is also Vision Sunday. Teens are encouraged to actively participate.

***Notice, I gave incorrect information Wednesday about the our Family Promise Host Week. It is NOT the Sunday of the 18th, it is a week later***

Wednesday  8-21-19 Influx 6:30-8 (NO PIZZA)

Sunday 8-25-19 Transition Sunday. 2 Services, traditional service, then Connect Hour (Teens), then contemporary service. Teen Connect Hour Downstairs will always have breakfast every week, games, a lesson, and small group discussion time, and then we will all go together to the 2nd service.
No Small Groups in the evening, and no more SEEK in the evening.
We also have our churches Family Promise Hosting week- which will require some teen volunteers to arrive at 7:30 am to help carry things in, then we will set up after service.

Wednesday  8-28-19 Influx 6:30-8 (NO PIZZA)

Sunday 9-1-19 Teen Connect Hour (with Breakfast) and Contemporary Worship. We will need to take down all the Family Promise stuff too before church. We will need some more volunteers to show up at 7:30 to take stuff down, load it in the trailer, and we will drive to the next church and drop it off before coming back for regular Teen Connect Hour.

Other Stuff:
Within a week here, I will be sending out a schedule that will take us through the end of the year for all activities, including quiz times, special events, and fellowship nights. If you have a suggestion for such an activity (for example Winter Fest, LHS / Freestate Football game, etc) shoot me an email.

Questions? Contact:

Travis Jacobsen
(785) 840 4041

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