influx student ministries

Sunday Mornings 9:15-9:55 a.m.
Student Ministry Center (Downstairs)
Ages: 6th-12th grade

Dawnguard is a place for 6th-12th students to fuel up on breakfast and start their day connecting with their peers. The church family is an essential part of corporate worship and Dawnguard will allow our teens to build and develop those intentional relationships with one another in a fun way before joining our multi-generational worship service.
Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm-8:15pm
Student Ministry Center (Downstairs)
Ages: 7th-12th grade
Influx exists for students of every faith journey level to gather together for a time of fun and fellowship. Building community and relationships with each other helps provide the context for our understand of how God relates to us and is relevant to every aspect of our lives today.
Young Christians Weekend 2018 (recap)

Young Christian Weekend Recap 2018 (720p) from Lawrence Free Methodist Church on Vimeo.


Upcoming Events

  • June 1-2 - The annual "Get-out-of-School" Lock-in will be this weekend. Lock-in begins at 6:30pm and ends on Saturday morning at 9:30am. Students should bring a couple bucks for pizza, any snacks they'd like to share, a sleeping bag, and up to three friends to invite! 

Download the General Release Form (parents need to fill this out to grant permission for their students to participate in any of these events)

For further details on these events please contact Pastor Bryce or follow our Youth Ministries Facebook page at