The Story

On September 15, 2013, we began a series titled The Story--a nine-month sermon series on the story of the Bible, told in chronological order, with coordinated curriculum for all ages, pre-school through adults. Although LFMC is no longer taking orders for resources, you may order The Story resources yourself at Signs of Life (722 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, 785-830-8030) or through or, where you will find a variety of resources for adults, teens, children, and even pre-schoolers. (Search on those sites for The Story, published by Zondervan.) Our children's ministries, student ministries and Sunday morning messages are covering the same material each week, and these resources will help you understand The Story like never before. 

Family Pages include questions and activities for families to use to reinforce at home what they are learning on Sundays.  There are ideas that can be used with preschool through high school students. Visit the Family Pages page.

Chart of Bible references (PDF)

Messages in this series: