Legacy Stewardship Campaign

Giving to the Legacy Stewardship Campaign

The Legacy Stewardship Campaign is now in full swing.  Because of the generous pledges we received in October, the Capital Campaign committee can now plan for 2018 implementation of the 3 projects that constitute this Legacy Stewardship Campaign.  Early campaign contributions are appreciated!  If you have pledged, you may begin making donations at any time.  When making donations by check or cash, be sure to indicate on your payment that the donation is for the “Capital Campaign” to ensure designation of your donation for the Legacy Stewardship Campaign.   Alternatively, give online via the LFMC Pushpay site, or on the LFMC app.  The church treasurer already has your allocations recorded according to your preferences indicated on your pledge cards, so there is no need to indicate allocations for the 3 projects when you make a contribution.

Pledges received for this campaign as of December 2017 total $ 357,410.  These pledges are broken down according to the 3 campaign projects as follows:

  1. Third Floor Buildout of the Children/Youth Wing: $60,667 
  2. Phase 1 Sanctuary Remodel:  activities include front platform remodel, new split screens with twin LCD projectors to be used for worship, and new windows and doors between narthex and sanctuary: $97,997
  3. Mortgage debt reduction: $92,535
  4. Undesignated for general use: $106,200

Thank you again for your collective generosity in pledging toward this Legacy Stewardship Campaign.  The continuing upgrade of our facility and our ongoing debt reduction will indeed provide a legacy to ensure that LFMC continues to impact Douglas County for years to come.

May God be honored in this campaign, and may you be blessed in your participation.