Haiti mission trip 2020 -- postponed

2020 Haiti trip has been postponed until 2021

Because of continued political unrest, violent protests, fuel shortages, and cautions from the U.S. State Department, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Haiti missions trip. Please pray for Haiti, and pray that the protests and other conditions that are crippling this poor country will soon come to an end. We hope to reboot the Haiti trip for January 2021. In the meantime, please watch for possible domestic mission trip service opportunities. -- Doug Heacock, Pastor of Missions & Mobilization

Haiti is truly a third-world country, just a two-hour plane trip from Miami. Two-thirds of the people of Haiti live under their national poverty line (living on $2 per day, or less); unemployment is very high, government corruption has decimated the country over the years, there is poor national infrastructure, and Haiti has fallen victim to major earthquakes and hurricanes, which always bring outbreaks of cholera and typhoid. Voodoo remains an important religious influence in many areas of the country, though there are seemingly Christians everywhere you turn, serving Haiti in many ways, including operating schools--Haiti has no national public education system, and half of all children in Haiti do not have the opportunity to attend school.

Kids Alive is dedicated to working with children at risk, those who have been orphaned by disaster or disease, those who have been abandoned by parents who cannot feed them, those who are at risk of being drawn into human trafficking. Teams from LFMC have traveled with Kids Alive to Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti for many years, always hopeful to be a blessing to the people they serve, and always being more blessed by those people.

Kids Alive International operates a children's village (a residential compound and school) in Balan, one of the poorest sectors of Haiti's second-largest city, Cap Haïtien, located on the northern coast of Haiti. Since 2012, we have been sending teams to this compound, where we have helped to build five large homes (for house parents and up to 12 children each), two transitional homes (for teenage children who are ready for university or trade school), a new school building, and a new cafeteria/kitchen building. In the process, we have come to know and love the staff, children and houseparents in this very poor part of the world, and we have seen first-hand how hope can exist even in the most difficult circumstances.

Going to Haiti is a game-changer for most--it is hard to forget the poverty you see up close, and it's hard to understand how people who live in such a difficult place--people who have next to nothing--can still have undeniable hope and faith in God. Haiti can change your outlook on the world you live in at home, and it can open your heart to the poor and marginalized everywhere, even in your hometown. Would you consider joining a Haiti team? Contact Pastor Doug Heacock for more information.