Week 2 team, Wednesday, February 4

  • Posted on: 4 February 2015
  • By: dheacock

The Lord gave us another day of good weather—sunshine for most of the day, followed by clouds and a cool breeze (but not rain) toward the end of the work day. The big news is that we started putting up roof panels today, and are making good progress toward finishing this construction phase of the house (there will be more to do when we leave, of course). Once again, it was all hands on deck—there was a lot of metal work to do, bracing the corners and joints all over the building, not to mention the trimming of the windows, the cutting of headers for doorways, and, of course, the roof panels.

We put up about a quarter of the roof today—setting a roof panel is a multi-person job, with several people inside and outside, some on ladders, some on the ground with bamboo poles to push the panels up over the side wall to be set into place on the roof. Hard work, but fun, and enjoyable, because the progress comes so quickly.

After lunch, some of us met with children we sponsor to give them gifts and to simply be with them and give them hugs and smiles.

At the end of the day, John, our team host, joined us for dinner back at the team hose, and spoke with us about Kids Alive and their child sponsorship opportunities. (Several additional children have been sponsored by members of our teams.)

After John’s sponsorship talk, he shared his testimony with us—an incredible story of redemption from a difficult past, and the story of how God is using him today at Kids Alive, where he serves as the team host, manages the child sponsorship program, and teaches the Bible to the children.

To say we are ready for sleep is an understatement, but the hard work has been worth it, and if the weather holds out, we could finish most of our work by the end of the day tomorrow.

We so deeply appreciate your prayers while we are here. We look forward to telling you our stories, showing you our pictures, and maybe even coming back again soon.

Doug Heacock, for the week 2 team

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Row 1, L-R: Larry cuts the wire cage on a wall panel, in preparation for cutting the panel; Kim, reinforcing a header; Larry and Kenna setting a roof panel.
Row 2, L-R: Rick and Stephanie lifting the panel in place with bamboo poles; Stephanie with Richcade, a boy she sponsors; Stephanie and Rick working on a header panel.
Row 3: Vernon and Randy working in what will eventually be the bathroom of the boys' transitional home.