Week 2 team, Monday, February 2

  • Posted on: 2 February 2015
  • By: dheacock

Week 2, Monday, February 2

Today was our first work day of this trip, and we got a lot of work done. When we arrived yesterday there was a freshly-poured concrete pad—at the end of the work day today all of the exterior walls (and one of the interior walls) were up.

We began the day with a brief devotional time and prayers, and we headed for the Kids Alive school early so we could watch the kids’ flag-raising ceremony. Our team was introduced to the children, and we all greeted them.

The work began with laying out string lines for the exterior walls, then the interior walls, and marking and drilling for the rebar that had to be installed to connect the walls to the foundation. The epoxy was pretty much hardened by the time we were done with lunch, so we began setting wall panels right after lunch. (Lunch, by the way, was rice and beans, and it was amazing. The cooks at the school here are wonderful!

Everybody on the team pitched in at the work site, cutting the foam and wire panels when necessary, setting them in place on the rebar, securing them with wire ties, and making sure everything is plumb and square.

The day was clear and sunny, and the sun is gradually drying out the soggy ground around the work site, but it was still a muddy mess in places. But everyone’s spirits were high, attitudes were great, and the work went quickly.

By 4pm, when we were to begin a community walk, the exterior walls were up, and the stage is set to put up the interior walls and roof over the next couple of days. There is a lot of trim work to be done before we’re done with our part of the project, but we were able to accomplish so much today that we’re quite optimistic about accomplishing our work goals for the week.

After we finished working we went on a community walk to tour the community surrounding Kids Alive, and also to see some of the kids’ homes (the kids who don’t actually live on the KA compound).  We greeted dozens of people along the way, and got a better feel for how people live in this community in this part of the world. It is heartbreaking to see the conditions in which some of these little children live—in one home there were only sheets on the bare concrete floor for the children to sleep on. Some of their stories are heartbreaking as well. But the work that we are doing here in Haiti—the work you have supported with your contributions, your child sponsorships, and your prayers—is making a very real, very tangible difference in the lives of children. It’s been our privilege to see it up close and personal, and there is only so much that we can convey with words like these—just know that God is using your faithfulness to change lives.

We’re pretty much all exhausted here at the end of the day today, but our cold showers were all the more refreshing, and we’ll probably sleep pretty well tonight. As always, we are grateful for your prayers, and we look forward to sharing our pictures and stories with you in the weeks and months to come.

Doug Heacock, for the week 2 team in Haiti

(More photos to follow, as soon as the Internet access improves a bit)
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Row 1, L-R: The slab as it looked when we began our work on Monday morning; Randy and Vernon preparing to cut rebar; Anita and McKenna wiring the wall panels to the rebar; Margie twisting wire.
Row 2: Rebar epoxied into the slab, ready to receive foam and wire panels.