Week 1 team: Wednesday, Jan. 28

  • Posted on: 28 January 2015
  • By: doug

It’s raining, it’s pouring.  Yes, the rain rolled in so we weren’t able to work on the site today.  Larry and Richard fixed us banana pancakes to kick off our day. We shifted our energy to some other projects to fill our morning.  After lunch (see the photo at the bottom of this article) those on our team who sponsor children were able to meet with their children, give them gifts and get their pictures taken.  We came back to our team house mid afternoon since the rain didn’t let up.  Several enjoyed a nice afternoon nap and some energizing card games.

Our work projects included cleaning out the tool shed, coming up with a design for the Christmas cards that the children will send to their sponsors (thank you McKenna), getting supplies ready for the cards and doing repairs to some of the plumbing in the existing homes (thank you, Jesús).

This semester phys-ed was added to the curriculum so each day, one or two groups of children take this class.  Their instructor is a nationally-recognized soccer player who also coaches the Kids Alive soccer team.  Several of our women enjoyed participating in the class with the kids.

This evening one of the Kids Alive staff, John, joined us for dinner and told us his testimony of how God rescued him from a life of drugs and violence.  He is now a peaceful, loving person with a heart for God.  Because of his past, he relates extremely well to the children in Haiti.  He knows that no matter how much they struggle or how misbehaved they may be, there is always hope for them. 

One of John’s jobs is sponsorship coordinator so he also shared with us about the child sponsorship program.  The funding to educate, feed, clothe, and house children comes from sponsors.  Each sponsor is matched with a child and receives a Christmas card, an Easter card and an annual progress report with an updated picture of their child.  Sponsors can also write their children as often as they like. The program has about 60% of the sponsors it needs, which means there are many beautiful children who would love to have an adults or teen in the States who will love them, pray for them and give them a future through monthly sponsorship.  Children in the program also learn about the love of Christ and the hope, peace and joy He has to offer them.

If you would like to learn more about how to sponsor a child, go to http://www.kidsalive.org/. You can choose the gender, age range and region of the world your child is from. If you choose a child from Haiti, you could send a gift to your child when a team from our church goes or you could sign up to go on a trip and visit your child.

Again, thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them so much!

(Posted by Doug Heacock on behalf of the week 1 team.)

Click the thumbnails below for larger images.
Row 1, L-R: Larry and Richard make us banana pancakes; playing cards in the team house during the rain; McKenna and some new friends; rain sadness on the faces of missionaries and kids.
Row 2, L-R: KA kids doing push-ups during the rain; missionary shoes lined up at the end of the day; Stephanie with some KA kids; our lunch of sweet 'n' sour beef and rice.
Row 3, L-R: the tool shed after we cleaned it; Tasha with her sponsored child; new garden and benches constructed this year at the KA compound; Kenna and one of her sponsored children.