Wed Jan 31 Update from Haiti

  • Posted on: 1 February 2018
  • By: bengel

The weather has been uncommonly beautiful so far this week--today was another mostly-sunny day with the high temperatures in the low 80s, and pleasant breezes as well. Most of our work has been in a shaded area, on makeshift work tables where we assemble rebar cages that will reinforce the concrete footings and columns of the new dining hall.

Our temporary outdoor workshop is set up under trees in a wooded area of the property on which we built the new school, and though the early-afternoon sun can be harsh, shade is just a few steps away.

We worked hard, sometimes outpacing the supply of materials and parts, and completed many more of the structural pieces that will one day be the new cafeteria and kitchen.

The building will be 80 feet long and 30 feet wide, with seating for 140, a new kitchen, a room for the children to help wash dishes, and some office space. The Haitian crew continued the work of digging the trenches for the footings--very strenuous work in the mud and muck that is caused by a very high water table that fills up the ditches overnight.

They also worked at rebar bending stations, making parts for us.

Since we are working so close to the new school, the kids are never far away--they check in on our progress from time to time or just stop by to visit occasionally.

Sad new arrived today about the death of Sherry Schaub, who served not only in church leadership, but also served on the board of Kids Alive International. Several of our team have served on mission trips with Sherry in Haiti and the Dominican Republic over the years, and it is no exaggeration to say our team would not exist if it weren't for his influence.

Before we broke for lunch today, we gathered under a tree near our work site and thanked God for Sherry's life and work, and prayed that his loved ones would be comforted.

We also had a visit at the end of the work day from a "craft lady" who brings craft items to sell--after some bargaining, we made our way back to the team house for the evening.

The Kids Alive cooks brought us a great meal, and we played a few hands of "Boots.” Then, one by one, we headed for bed, thankful for a good work day, grateful for people like Sherry, whose vision and leadership has meant so much to Kids Alive, and ready to rest up for another day of work.

Your prayers are a great encouragement and comfort to us. Thank you!

Doug Heacock, on behalf of the team