Tues Jan 30 Update from Haiti

  • Posted on: 31 January 2018
  • By: bengel

Today (Tuesday) after cowboy omelets for breakfast and team devotions from Psalm 62, we headed out to the work site where we continued the steel work for the new dining hall.

We built all of the footer steelwork (see pictures on LFMC’s Facebook page) and began building the rebar cages that will become the vertical structural columns for the building. The Haitian crew continued the much more strenuous work of trenching for the footers and fabricating some of the rebar pieces for us to assemble into various parts of the foundation and columns.

Just before lunch we had the opportunity to visit briefly with the children we sponsor and give them gifts we brought for them.

It's hard to describe how great these times are--the kids are always so sweet, so appreciative, and sometimes a little embarrassed, but they love getting gifts, and they love to see their sponsors, too.

After lunch we continued our work; the weather this year has been amazing. Yesterday was partly cloudy and a bit breezy, which made the workday very pleasant. Today the sky was clear and bright and the sun was hot, but the temperature stayed in the low 80s, a nice break from previous years when it was in the 90s.

At the end of the work day, those of us who sponsor older children were able to spend a little time with them when they returned from secondary school.

For dinner we went to the home of Robenson Gedeus, who leads Kids Alive Haiti, and enjoyed an amazing Haitian meal, many stories, and much laughter together. Then, we returned to the team house to rest.

It was a long, good day, and we are grateful--to be here, to be a part of what God is doing in Haiti, to be surrounded by so many loving and generous Haitian people.

Haiti still has many problems, including corruption in government and an ever-widening gap between the very few rich and the many, many poor people; but we are noticing some changes. We are seeing signs of progress, though it is SO slow. There is hope, nonetheless.

We are grateful for (and very mindful of) your prayers. How we wish you could see what we see here and meet the beautiful and precious children we meet here. We'll do our best to tell you about everything when we come back. And we'll show you our pictures!


Doug Heacock (on behalf of the team