Thursday Update - January 28

  • Posted on: 29 January 2016
  • By: bengel

We continued to lay block today quite well, adding five more courses on top of the bond beam that was poured on top of the long back wall last night. Today, the Haitian crew prepared forms for pouring more bond beams atop the walls that separate the classrooms, and slog the front interior wall. Tomorrow, we will continue laying block on the new bond beams. 

We are generally quite well, except for one case of heat exhaustion and one allergic reaction to the mortar. All are in good spirits as we head into the last day of week 1.

On Saturday, Anita, Rick, and Richard will fly home, and the rest of us (Doug, McKenna, Stephanie, Tasha, Kenna, Larry, Taylor, and Randy) will be joined by Rocky, Tia, Nathan, and Kim for another week.

It's HOT here, so adequate hydration is essential (and hard to accomplish)--the tropical sun is intense, as well, so some are nursing sunburns.

Today we split up into pairs and ate lunch in the homes of some of the kids--the language barrier made it awkward and the kids are always shy when we are in their homes, but it is an awesome and humbling experience to be on the receiving end of Haitian hospitality and generosity. 

Brian Veen, from the KA headquarters and our team host for several previous trips, arrived this evening for a couple of days, and he'll be back next week to finish the second week with us. (We are always glad to see Brian.)

The work is going well, the team is doing well, and we all appreciate your prayers while we're here. 

--Doug Heacock