The team is set for Haiti 2019!

  • Posted on: 22 October 2018
  • By: doug

On January 26, 2019, a team of ten will travel to Cap Haïtien, Haiti for a week of construction work. We'll have more about the team members here on the blog a little later in the year, but for now, and so that you can begin praying for them, here are their first names: Mark, McKenna, Doug, Bret, Marilyn, Kenna, Randy, Stephanie, Kevan and Larry. As we spend the next three months getting ready for our trip, would you be willing to pray for us? Here's how you can pray for our team during this season of preparation:

  1. Please pray for the dozens of details that need to be worked out--not just for the trip itself, but also in each one of our lives. For most of us, being out of the country for a week is something we have to plan carefully for, to make sure family and job responsibilities are covered. And there are also a lot of details that need to be worked out for a trip like this, so your prayers are really appreciated.
  2. Please pray for our hosts in Haiti, as they prepare to receive us in the middle of a busy school year. Please pray that they will be able to complete the necessary preparations for the construction project(s) we will be working on while we're there, and pray that our team will be a blessing to the staff and kids of the Kids Alive Children's Village.
  3. Please pray that our travel details will come together as they should, and that the logistics of luggage and supplies and all the rest will work out. Traveling to a third-world country is always full of unexpected twists and turns!
  4. Please pray for each team member, that God will use us in whatever ways he has planned, that he will open our eyes and hearts to the plight of the poor in Haiti and elsewhere in the world, including our own community, and that we would be sensitive and listening for the things He may want to teach us while we are there.

In the weeks to come, we'll share more details about our trip, and we hope you will follow our progress during the week of January 26-February 2, 2019! (The photo at above right is from the January 2018 Haiti trip, and was taken during our community walk on our first full day in the country. Click the image for a full-size version.)

Pastor Doug Heacock (on behalf of the team)