Sunday Update - January 31

  • Posted on: 2 February 2016
  • By: bengel

Thank you for your prayers for our team in Haiti. The first group finished their work on Friday morning, attended the school chapel on Friday afternoon where Richard greeting the children and teachers and spoke on behalf of the team. On Saturday, four of the team members left (Anita, Kevan, Rick and Richard) and four more arrived (Kim, Rocky, Tia and Nathan). The team spent Saturday relaxing by a pool and enjoyed dinner at a restaurant.

Today (Sunday) the group is off to church and then will head over to the Village for lunch, time with children, and a neighborhood walk. The new team members will get to see the worksite and be briefed on what's in store for them this week.

Particular prayer concerns have surfaced in the last couple days: Randy has had a severe allergic reaction to the cement. Thankfully, Joe Gadzia was able to suggest a treatment that is available in Haiti, which Randy started yesterday. Please pray for healing for him. The second concern that has arisen is related to a mosquito-born illness called Zika. If contracted, the symptoms are sort of like a severe flu - rash, fever, muscle aches -- that lasts several days to a week. The American teacher who works at the Kids Alive school spent Saturday in the hospital - they think with Zika. Please pray for the safety of our team. Mosquitos are everywhere. In order for them to reach their goal of finishing all the walls on the first floor of the school by Friday, they will need to be healthy this week. 

Again, thank you for praying!
Carolyn, on behalf of the team