Serve Day, June 30

We are doing something we've never tried before on Sunday, June 30--something that will help communicate to our community that we are here to serve! We'll gather at the church at 9:00 a.m on Sunday, June 30, and after a brief time of prayer and instructions, we will split up into service teams and head out into our community to work together on a variety of service projects, serving our city and our community partners in a variety of ways! 

It looks like the weather will be warm and dry, with plenty of sunshine, so you may want to be prepared with sunglasses, a hat and maybe even some sunscreen, since some of you will be working outdoors. Also, since some of you will be helping to clean up our city parks, you may wish to be prepared with bug spray--there may be ticks and chiggers here and there, maybe even mosquitoes in shady areas.

If you have specified skills or available tools, we will do our best to place you on a team where you can use those skills/tools, but I hope you'll understand that we may have to make some last-minute switches and such on Sunday morning, depending on how many people show up, etc. I trust you'll be flexible :)

Many of you will be on park clean-up duty, and Lawrence Parks and Recreation has provided some trash bags and vinyl gloves, but if you have gardening or other work gloves you would prefer to use, by all means, bring them.

There will also be two indoor, low-exertion projects. One will be here at LFMC and one, at another location. 

If your team completes your assignment early (before noon) and you wish to continue working, we will try to have secondary assignments for each team. Otherwise, you're free to call it a day and head home for some relaxation!

We'll have coffee ready for you when you arrive on Sunday morning, and bottled water will be available for you to take with you when you head to the work site. (Or, bring your own water bottle and you can fill it at church before you leave.)

We're looking forward to a good day of service, and we'd love for you to be a part of it! Thanks in advance for your servant-heartedness!

Here is the sign-up link: