Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 6 (Thursday, 10/23)

  • Posted on: 23 October 2014
  • By: doug

This morning as everyone’s alarms went off they were all quickly silenced. Everyone took their sweet time rolling out of bed as we slowly shook off the last bits of sleep still stuck in our hazy eyes. We happily ate our pancakes and eggs over muffled grunts back and forth barely interpreted as morning greetings. None the less we were ready for another day at the village.

Today was different from other days. Today was all about the people for most of the team. Camden and Caroline finished all of their sponsorship duties early and spent most of their day bonding with the kids on the playground. Dr. Joe and Missy’s clinic was open to the public and they experienced a steady trickle of Haitian locals seeking their help. Another person, another connection, another chance to show God’s love. The construction group was presented with a very interesting situation during their work today. While Ken and Nigile were helping to move rocks on the outside of the compound one rock was flipped to reveal a large tarantula. Not only was the tarantula big but it could also jump, an American’s worst nightmare. Many rocks were thrown and eventually the spider met its unfortunate end.  

After lunch the group was offered a walking tour of the surrounding community. Of course we accepted this invitation and set off for the tour with the only missionary in the Haitian Kids Alive compound. Erin, the missionary, took us deep into the surrounding community and left lots of time for photo ops. We wound all over in the dirty walk ways until we found the old Kids Alive site that could only be peered upon through an old rusty hole towards the bottom of the gate. Along the way we ran into many of the homes of kids that attend the village school and stopped to share words with the homes' attendants.

We got back to the village just in time to hurry home, shower, and head out for dinner in town with Erin. First, we stopped at the Haitian tourist market and bought many souvenirs and met many street vendors. Among all of them ‘Cheap Charlie’ stood out the most. We don’t know if it was his charming personality or his extremely low prices but he won us over one way or another, or should I say he won our money one way or another. After the quick stop at the market we headed off to one of the few “trusted” restaurants in Cap Haitien. The team feasted on many different delicacies from both the US and Haiti. Food orders ranged from a cheeseburger and fries all the way to Creole Chicken. All of these dishes made our way to our table one by one until only one persons meal was missing. Of course this had to be Pastor Bill’s ham pizza. By the time his pizza finally made its way to the table everyone else was plopped back in their chairs with full bellies. After we had all finished our meals we headed back to the house alongside Erin to learn a little more about our fellow American friend.

Erin’s story was full of hard times and trusting in the Lord and was something that everyone could relate to in one way or another. It was such a blessing to be able to sit down and listen to someone that came from a very similar background talk about what God and laid on their heart and how they had followed it all the way here.

We are all ready for a full night's rest to prepare for tomorrow's festivities. Tomorrow's activities include a day at the nicest beach in Cap Haitien and a service at the village Chapel. After the service the kids in the Kids Alive village will be selling their art work that they have been working on and it will be a chance for all of us to say goodbye to the kids we have become so fond of over this past week. We are all so grateful for the connections we made today and this blessed opportunity we have had the chance to embrace. 




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