Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 3 (Monday, 10/20)

  • Posted on: 21 October 2014
  • By: doug

This morning the team awoke for another early morning call that we have all become accustomed to. Our morning started off a little shaky because the gas at our house was not working. That meant no pancakes, and no pancakes means a group of disgruntled mission’s workers. However, we were all so excited to get to the village for our first day of work that it didn’t seem to phase us.

We arrived at the village greeted by rows upon rows of bright smiling faces and blue polo shirts. The kids all greeted us with the typical Haitian greeting and then we were off to work for the day.

We were split into three groups; Dr. Joe and his nurse Missy held a clinic for the kids in the Kids Alive School and other kids in the community. Pastor Bill, Lynn, Darren, Ken, and Nigile set off to lay dirt and gravel in preparation for a coming sidewalk addition to one of the houses. Caroline and Camden set off for the school to help out with Sponsorship responsibilities and to help kids in the school. Everyone had an amazing day interacting with the kids in the village and being humbled by God every step of the way.

It was finally time to head home but first we had to make a pit stop at one of the gas stations for a little taste of home. We walked away with a smile on everyone’s face and bottle of Coke in their hands. After returning home we all had a little fun talking about our day before we were interrupted by Darren falling out of his chair. That of course made every tired body in the room laugh as hard as they could. But alas it was dinner time!

For dinner we were joined by our Team Coordinator, Jon, and the director of the Kids Alive Haiti Village, Robinson. Our team received the pleasure of listening to Jon’s testimony over a delicious meal of Haitian spaghetti (typically served with ketchup).

The team is finally winding down for the day and is getting ready for yet another early morning call and another day of serving the Lord.  



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