Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 1 (Saturday, 10/18)

  • Posted on: 18 October 2014
  • By: doug

October 18, 2014 -- Miami, FL

One by one all eight of us made our way to the church bright and early this morning. After many sips from our familiar Starbucks coffee cups and the real life Tetris game that was the back of the Flory’s truck, which was packed to the top with suitcases full of donations for the people of Haiti, we headed off towards good ol' MCI. Once we reached the airport we checked all sixteen bags and headed for the plane. We soon settled into all of our seats and were ready for takeoff.

During the flight many of us had the opportunity to speak with other travelers about where we were headed and what we were doing, sharing God’s

love and mission to anyone that would listen. We made our way through Dallas, eventually landing in the bustling city of Miami. While waiting for our transit bus many of us laughed as we watched others from our group shed their layers suited for cold Kansas weather as we were now in the tropical wonderland that is Florida.

After what seemed like every hotel bus in the city passed by our group we finally found our bus and headed for the hotel. We reached the hotel in no time at all, just in time for the hotel’s Happy Hour. It was a nice treat to sit down and take the opportunity to bond as a group after hours of travel. Once our final member reached our hotel we set off for our last “American” meal this week.

Dinner was, of course, full of many stories, endless laughter and smiles. With full bellies we all returned to our rooms to take one more warm shower before heading out early tomorrow morning to fly to Haiti. Thanks for all of the prayers flowing our way from back in Lawrence--we have had safe travels and pray for another safe flight in the morning. The group is very excited to get to Haiti tomorrow and truly become the hands and feet of God.


[Uploaded on behalf of the team by Doug Heacock]