More photos from the Haiti team, December 9, 2015

  • Posted on: 9 December 2015
  • By: dheacock

Here are some new photos that came in from the team (click on thumbnails for full-sized images):

L to R below: Bill and Darren find a place to sit while waiting for their luggage on Sunday; some happy boys who love to pose; the red "Fireball" tap-tap that transports teams to and from the team house and the Kids Alive children's village.


L to R below: The beach scene on the way between the airport and the Kids Alive children's village; trash in the river--a common sight; a view of the KA school in the children's village.


L to R below: Ken and Bill hauling concrete, one load at a time; Jennifer and Missy painting the interior of one of the transitional homes; closer view of the kitchen interior.


L to R below: A view of the work site and the two girls transitional homes; Ken W. and Bill cleaning up the trash; more happy boys posing for the camera.


L to R below: A spider that Missy and Jennifer found in the transitional house; another view of the spider on the shovel as Ken W. was removing it; Ken S. waiting for luggage in the terminal on Sunday.


L to R below: KA school boys posing with a friendly dog; some girls washing up after lunch; Wayne, Dan, and Ken S. prepping rebar for the sidewalk pour.


Posted by Doug Heacock on behalf of the team