Haiti teams update--December 29

  • Posted on: 29 December 2015
  • By: doug

Some of the suitcases that were lost on the Haiti missions trip earlier this month have been returned, but certain items are missing, and the suitcases' name tags have been switched, so it seems clear that there was some sort of nefarious hanky-panky going on with the team's luggage. 

Two teams are gearing up for the next two trips: the first team will leave on January 23 and return on January 30; the second team will leave on January 30 and return on February 6. Several of the team members will be staying in Haiti for the full two weeks.  At this point, it appears that our construction project for both weeks will be to lay block for the new school at the Kids Alive children's village.

Watch the blog for more updates as we prepare for our trips--we'll have more information as the departure dates get closer. As always, we appreciate your prayers!

Blessings, Doug Heacock