Haiti teams for January and February 2016

  • Posted on: 20 January 2016
  • By: dheacock

Sixteen missionaries will be headed to Haiti over the next two weeks--eight of them will be there both weeks. The first week team leaves on Saturday, January 23 and consists of Richard Erickson, McKenna Ezell, Anita Greenwood, Doug Heacock, Kenna LaRue, Taylor Manning, Stephanie Temple, Kim Riffel, Rick Riffel, Randy Roy, Kevan Vick, Larry Wedman, and Tasha Wertin. On January 30, Richard, Anita, Kim, Rick and Kevan will return home, leaving McKenna, Doug, Kenna, Taylor, Stephanie, Randy, Larry and Tasha, who will be joined by Rocky Harrison, Tia Shoemaker, and Nathan Peterson for the second week. The remaining team members will return home on February 6. (Click the photo for a larger image.)

Your prayers mean the world to us! Please check the blog frequently during the next couple of weeks--if Haitian Internet technology holds up, we'll try to post something every day.

Blessings, Doug Heacock (on behalf of the teams)