General information about LFMC

Our Mission and Strategy

Our mission: to be a Christ-centered church, making more and better disciples. Everything we do in the church fits into one part of that mission or the other. We want to make more disciples, and we want those disciples to be growing.  

Our strategy: We believe there is no such thing as standing still in your journey of faith in Christ--either you are growing and moving closer to him, or you're falling back. Our energy is focused on keeping you moving in his direction. We recognize that there are essentially four stages of the faith journey represented in our congregation, and our strategy is to help people move through the transitions from one stage to the next. There are those in our congregation who are exploring Christ--they are interested, but not sure about Jesus. When such a person decides to welcome Jesus into his/her life, that person moves to the next stage: growing in Christ. Such a person believes in Jesus and has begun to do some of the things (such as prayer and Bible reading) to allow spiritual growth to happen. The next transition comes when that person decides that following Christ is way more than a Sunday thing--that person has entered into the close to Christ stage of spiritual growth, and is praying regularly, reading the Bible regularly, reflecting on what the Bible says, and actively pursuing relationship with Jesus, both personally and in the context of church life. The goal for each of us is to become Christ-centered, at which point he or she has concluded that Jesus Christ is the single most important person in his or her life, and everything else in life revolves around that fact. Daily prayer, daily Bible ready and reflection, regular service toward others, and being actively involved in disciple-making are the evidences of this change.*

A (very) brief history of Lawrence Free Methodist Church

The Free Methodist Church was forged in the foundry of the Civil War and the struggle for the abolition of slavery. The Methodist Episcopal Church (which eventually became the United Methodist Church) was divided over (among other things) the issue of whether pastors could, in good conscience, own slaves. A small, but vocal group of pastors who maintained that this was not right, led by Rev. B.T. Roberts, were essentially expelled from the denomination, and they banded together in 1860 to form a new denomination: the Free Methodist Church. (See What is a Free Methodist? for more information.)

The Lawrence Free Methodist Church was dedicated in 1872 by B.T. Roberts himself. The first church building owned by LFMC was located at 12th and Connecticut in Lawrence. A larger building was constructed for a growing congregation in 1964 at 802 W. 22nd Street Terrace. Responding to continued growth, in 1990 the church built the present facility at 3001 Lawrence Avenue, and in 2007 a children/youth wing was added.

On Sunday mornings, worship begins at 10:00 a.m., with child care available for children from birth through pre-K, and K-5 kids are dismissed after the music to their own programs.

Our church facility is located at the corner of 31st Street and Lawrence Avenue, in Lawrence, KS. The main parking area is located on the west side of the property; this is where most attenders and visitors park for our worship services. The main entrance to our lobby and worship center is on the west side of the building. There is a smaller lot on the east side of the property that is used during the week by staff and visitors to the church office. The main office entrance is on the east side of the building.

LFMC is part of the Great Plains Conference of the Free Methodist Church in North America, and is also a member of the Willow Creek Association.


*For more information, see Move: What 1,000 Churches Reveal About Spiritual Growth, by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson