Friday Update - January 29 - End of Week 1 Update

  • Posted on: 29 January 2016
  • By: bengel
We finished our work day earlier today because we're attending the kids' chapel presentation this afternoon.
We've finished one end wall up to where the next bond beam will be poured, and we finished one interior wall to that height, as well. If all goes well next week, we hope to have enough time to finish all of the walls up to the height of the second floor. This means that we will have finished the whole first floor in just nine work days. That's an avid thing. 
Our team is tired--it's been a lot of hard work and the last three days the sun has tried to beat us, but your prayers have surely helped to strengthen us. 
Four people are leaving tomorrow and four new people are coming; we will have a day for resting tomorrow, then church on Sunday and an afternoon to rest, then we'll hit it again on Monday. 
Thank you for praying and remembering us. 
Doug Heacock, on behalf of the team