First Haiti team to leave on January 24

  • Posted on: 20 January 2015
  • By: doug

Thanks for visiting the LFMC Missions Trip Blog! We're guessing you're here because (a) you are interested in missions, (b) you're interested in Haiti, (c) you're a friend of family member of someone who is heading out to serve on one of our teams in the next few weeks, (d) you're curious, or (e) you're lost! We hope that whatever the reason, you'll pray for us as we prepare to leave for a week of service in a very poor place. If you're wondering how to pray for us, here are some suggestions:

  • Please pray for the health and safety of the team members. There are some particularly nasty mosquito-borne diseases in Haiti. The water is unsafe for drinking. The tropical sun is hot and the air is often quite humid, as well. The work can be exhausting, and there are safety hazards. Please pray for protection against illness, accidents, and other health and safety concerns. Pray for the political stability of this small, third-world country.
  • Please pray that the love of Christ will be evident in all of our interactions with the people we serve. The Kids Alive staff and kids know that we're there because we love them in Jesus' name, but we will encounter many people outside the Kids Alive compound during our time there, and although there will be a language barrier, we can still communicate love in our interactions. Please pray that we will.
  • Please pray that we will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the work there. We expect to be doing construction work, but in a third world location like Haiti, one never knows whether materials will be available at the right time. (And I'm pretty sure there's not a Home Depot in Cap Haitien.) The weather can also be a hindrance to certain kinds of work. Please pray for a productive work week for both teams.
  • Please pray about how you might become involved. Perhaps one day you would consider coming to Haiti (or elsewhere) for a missions trip. But trips like these aren't for everyone--perhaps you could help someone else make the trip by contibuting financially. Perhaps you could become a child sponsor, and make it possible for a child without any other hope to attend school, be clothed and fed, and be nurtured in a loving Christian family environment. Perhaps you could commit to pray for Haiti regularly.

The Week 1 team leaves on Saturday, January 24. We'll update you soon with the names of those team members, and once they've arrived in Cap Haitien, they'll begin sending daily posts and photographs (depending on the reliability of Internet access at the team house), and we'll post them here for you to read. A significant number of the Week 1 team members will be staying in Haiti for Week 2 (and there will be several additional team members leaving for Haiti on January 31). So if you are interested in following our progress and praying for us, please check this blog daily between January 24 and February 7.We'll do our best to keep the information coming during that time.

Thanks again for your prayers!

Blessings, Doug Heacock

(on behalf of the Week 1 and 2 Haiti missions teams)