Feb 19 -- Wednesday

  • Posted on: 21 February 2014
  • By: doug

Another rooster, another dawn, another great breakfast and off to work.  We ride in the back of a flatbed truck that is on it’s 3rd reincarnation.  In Haiti reincarnation works on a downward spiral.  But we do not have to walk!  If one sits near the cab the diesel fumes cause you to forget the heat… and everything else.  If you sit near the rear, the dust coats everything.  One each ride one struggles with the conundrum of “where to sit” this time.

Shade, shade, shade!  It is such a premium you look for it anywhere.  Jackson and Carol have found a tiny spot to share for a moment.

OH, THE EXCITEMENT!  Mike and Cheryl have arrived.  There is ongoing debate in the camp about which direction productivity moved.  Mike says up….the jury is still out with the rest of the team.

Have I repeatedly mentioned that it is hot here?  You know it is HOT when you see Darrin on his knees praying for rain, or at least clouds!

After a long day of work, the results of which are in the background, the group is taking a much deserved break.  All the tedious work, corners and headers are finished.  Doors and windows are cut out and wrapped with wire.  TOMORROW IS ROOF DAY.  By day’s end that structure should be totally covered!  I will let you know!