Feb 18 -- Tuesday

  • Posted on: 21 February 2014
  • By: doug

As the sun begins to rise, the roosters begin to crow…oh wait…it is the other way around.  The roosters begin WELL before the sun begins to rise.  It brings to mind the Indian way of signaling with smoke….one leads to another.   So far it has been determined that there are 437 different “communities” of roosters.  It makes one long for chicken soup!!

Larry Wedman is a fabulous breakfast cook.  We have something new and innovative every morning, sometimes using only leftovers.  The cooks on the compound fix lunch for the team and we dine “a la fresca”, under the trees.  We are really ready for a break about that time.

There are several Haitian men who are working along side us.  They are such HARD workers, and are not affected by the heat.  Darrin is working right alongside while Bill is doing a fabulous job of supervising.

Now this is a great looking group.  One wonders if they are working or auditioning for a game show.

What  great looking young men these are.  One you might recognize…Jackson Looney (grandson to Carol and Sherry).  The other is Stevenson, the young man sponsored by the Looney family.  He was elated with the soccer ball Jackson brought for him.  Soccer is BIG in Haiti.

The day comes to an end.  We are all exhausted, but it is a good exhaustion.  The Lord has looked over us.  We praise Him for what He is accomplishing through us.