Feb 18 -- First week team postscript

  • Posted on: 18 February 2014
  • By: doug

Just wanted to quickly let our readers know that the first team made it home safely on Saturday, February 15, according to schedule. We were tired and sunburned and a bit travel-weary, but our return trip was uneventful--always a blessing during international travel. In fact, our first team experienced only small flight delays over the course of six different flights, and breezed right through customs on our return trip--a sharp contrast with some missions trips we've taken, which sometimes have involved all sorts of delays, missed connections, re-routing, standby flights, unexpected overnight stays along the way, etc.

We caught a glimpse of a couple of members of the second-week team in the Palm Beach airport, as we were arriving from Haiti, and they were preparing to depart for Haiti. They were banging on a frosted-glass door that separated the departure corridor from the arrival corridor, to get our attention, and we were a bit concerned (okay, not exactly concerned--more like "amused") at the fact that very shortly after the banging began, alarms began sounding, followed by a rush of armed security personnel, headed toward that corridor!  Apparently, they made it out of the country okay, because we heard from the team later in the day that they arrived safely in Cap Haitien later that afternoon.

Please keep watching this blog to follow the second team's progress. We may also post additional photos from the first week, as more become available. (Many of our photos are still on the team computer back at the team house in Haiti, but the second week team will be bringing it home with them at the end of the week.)

Finally, thank you again for your faithful prayers! And do please keep praying! The second team is beginning their work today (Monday), and I know they will appreciate our prayers!

Doug Heacock, on behalf of the teams