Feb 17 -- Greetings from team 2 in Cap Haitien, Haiti!

  • Posted on: 18 February 2014
  • By: doug

(Click on the photos to see larger size)

This I the concrete pad that Team  1  worked on so diligently.  They did such a fabulous job!!!

Bill is setting us all up for work by passing out all the tools.  They have to be secured every night so they do not “walk away” during the night.

Construction boss, Larry Wedman, assigning duties to David, Jackson and Darrin.  Everyone worked HARD and the heat was a special challenge, but it took us all of two hours to put up two walls!!  Jackson was great at wielding the blow torch. 

“Gangsta” David holding court with Brent (missionary), Bill, Brian (missionary), Carol and Darrin.  We were just coming off a water break.  The amount of water consumed is unbelievable!!  It keeps us from getting ill.


These are children on the site who attend the school. I guess they picked the most handsome of the guys to pose with.  The girl on the far left is one sponsored by Larry and the Schaubs.

By the end of day one, this is the children’s home  beginning to take great shape!!

It was a terrific day as we saw God working in the staff, the workers and the missionaries .

More to come tomorrow.