Feb 11 - Progress!

  • Posted on: 13 February 2014
  • By: bengel

At times it has seemed that the work is progressing slowly, but we are making progress on the foundation of the home we are building. Today we continued preparing for the foundation pour by cutting rebar to length and cutting wire that will be used to tie the rebar cages and wire mesh and foam panels together. Our Haitian crew continued moving rock to level the foundation pad before we pour concrete, and a portion of the team spent some time working on some sponsorship projects for the children, shown in the photo to the left. (Click on photos to view full-size images.)

When we say “pour the foundation” you should understand that there will not be cement mixer trucks coming to deliver all the concrete in one big pour—the Haitian crew will be mixing every bag of cement by hand and moving it one wheelbarrow-full at a time. What might take a few hours in the states will take the whole day here. But we need to be ready, meaning that the plumbing and electrical conduit needs to be in place first, then the rebar cages and wire mesh. That’s our job over the next day or two.

Those who have been dealing with health issues are doing much better, thanks to your prayers and the availability of strong antibiotics. Our team is bonding well, developing great friendships as we work together during the day and relax together during the evenings.

Those of us who are sponsoring children here at Cap Haitien met with our children today to give them gifts and take pictures. It was a very special and heart-warming time.


L-R: Larry with the kids he sponsors in Haiti; The Heacocks with the child they sponsor (who is also sponsored by Stephanie and Karly, a team member from a previous trip); The Riffels with children they sponsor in Haiti.


We had numerous minor injuries today (cuts and scrapes), which made us so thankful to have Kim with us (she’s a nurse by profession). We’re thankful that there have been no serious injuries thus far.

We’ve had lunch each work day at the compound, the same food the children are given—it has been a delightful culinary adventure each day. Today we had spaghetti for lunch, which Haitians enjoy with lots of catsup and hot sauce. Fried plantains and fresh tomatoes rounded out a fine meal.

We ended the work day tired and dirty, but in great spirits and enjoying our time together here very much.

Thanks for continuing to pray—and please pray for the next team that will be on its way in just a few days.

Doug Heacock, on behalf of the team


This spider was probably 5 inches across—in the staff bathroom at the compound