2018 Haiti Trip Countdown: 11 days

  • Posted on: 16 January 2018
  • By: doug

The last couple of weeks prior to the Haiti trip are always the fastest weeks of the year, it seems--so much to do, and the day of our departure looms ever closer! Members of our team met for our pre-trip meeting on Saturday, January 6, to go over travel logistics, to talk about the project we'll be working on, and to be reminded of some of the basic things we need to remember as we head for Haiti. Our team is an all-veteran team, meaning that each member of the team has been to Haiti multiple times, though there are some team members who have not served together on a team yet, so there will be some new experiences. 

The work itself will be challenging--we will be beginning the construction of a new dining hall (click the image at right for a closer look) next to the new school building that we have worked on for the past two trips. We don't yet know how much of the work will be completed by the time we get there, which means that our work may involve laying out the foundation, digging for footings, laying block, working with plumbing and electrical conduit--we just won't know until we arrive.

During the first couple of days of our trip, we'll be joined by Jeff Vandermolen, who works with Kids Alive in the Dominican Republic--he will be helping to get us started on the dining hall project, which is a duplicate of a similar Kids Alive facility in the DR. Our team will spend most of the week at the work site, working hard (the Lawrence team has earned the reputation of being a very hard-working and productive team!), and then on Friday we will have half a day of R&R before we attend the end-of the week chapel service that is organized and led by the children at the school. Lord willing (and airlines willing), we will return late on Saturday evening, Feb. 3. 

Please pray for us! You may pray for our safety and health, for good weather for the work, and pray that we would authentically communicate the love of Christ to everyone we meet--the kids, the staff, the Haitian work crew--even through the language barrier. Please pray that our time there will be a blessing to the kids, house parents, and staff, and that our eyes and ears will be open to all that the Lord would teach us. 

Thank you for your prayers as we prepare. We feel blessed to be able to go, and we know that your prayers cover and protect us and give us strength and encouragement.

Blessings, Doug Heacock (on behalf of the team)